GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Non-fans STAY OUT you losers

There was a recurring HBO ad running during the Oscars ad breaks and they very briefly played the GoT music and I nearly fucking jumped in my seat every time. They’ve finished filming now and the difficult waiting period begins. Let’s huddle together in here to help each other through this difficult time. You are encouraged to share (s7 spoiler free!) links and such, and to discuss general GoT related stuff.


Theo can you add a “ROLLING” to the thread title please




I also don’t think what you’re asking for really counts as abstinence from it.


Abstinence as in experiencing abstinences from something is what I meant


i like how you started an abstinence thread on the first day of lent


It’s what Jesus would have wanted (is it?)


Theo can you sort this out as well and then permaban everyone who’s posting off topic in here, please and thank you






Seriously piss off guys


Ok ok, I’ll abstain.


We get it, you’re not a fan and think it’s silly. I am actually aware that not everyone’s a fan. This thread is for those of us that are.


please don’t ban me theon!

[details=i enjoy the programme]
although while s6 was enjoyable it was not totally up to the high standard of earlier seasons, perhaps due in part to the show’s plot surpassing the books but mainly because it is approaching the endgame and i feel some arcs move too fast while others move too slow idk[/details]

i listen to this a lot


why was my first comment an off-topic observation

now i have been lumped in with the shabsters :worried:


Is this series the last one? I can’t remember where the rumours ended-up on that.

I’m not as excited as I have been for previous series’sees’s but still very much looking forward to it.

Just trying to remember where everyone was at the end of the last series.


It’s really shit.


He’s never going to finish the next book, is he?

Currently getting my GoT kicks by playing the official penoid card game (occasionally), obviously. Nights Watch are currently strong and everyone hates them. Tyrell are rubbish. Martell are hilariously tricksy. Good stuff all round.


Second last, though both will be shorter than previous seasons (six and seven episodes I think?)


i’ve given up googling for lent, but there will be two 8 episode seasons if i iirc correctly.