GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Malazan Book of the Fallen probably. It’s quite something


Possibly Steven Erikson’s Malazan series (Gardens of the Moon), which would fit that description. Though there are a few that could (e.g. R. Scott Bakker, maybe Gene Wolfe).


Alright guys


Can’t believe we have to wait until next year


could be ANY time next year too. it’s not gonna be jan/feb is it, nothing good happens then.


Anyone else watchingTroy: Fall of a City on BBC? I’ve been watching it to sate my GoT hunger like a nicotine addict supping on a beer-soaked ash tray (it’s shit).


considered it for the same reason but I didn’t want to unnecessarily upset myself


Wise move. I’ve so far wasted 6 hours of my life trudging through it. The only reason I’ve kept watching really is because I fancy the ship out of Helen.


I’ve never watched the series (fully paid up member of the book wanker club) but the TV and I are up to the end of season four now. Really enjoying it tbh. The only annoying things are the slow romantic subplots, like Robb and whasshername and Missandei and Grey Worm. Everything else is great.


everyone’s dead now




Spent my afternoon yesterday reading through 50,000 words on Stannis’ plan to take the North. Recommended.


Definitely won’t be that early, I think they’re filming well into the summer so ehhhh we’re all fucked to see how it all pans out it’s going to be shite

  • Winds of Winter will be released before the final season
  • WoW AND Dream of Spring will be released before the final season
  • Lol GRRM is on death’s door, he’ll never make it

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Alt Shift X has done a good vid on Patchface:


Up to S5E10 now!


Oh God, not sure I can face this but probably will


This is a fucking haiku compared to the mother of all GoT crackpot analysis, the Winterfell Huis Clos - I’ve read bits but never tackled the whole thing (I think it’s something like 300,000 words?)



FO, M.