GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Hmm. So VPN + torrent? I’ve not pirated in years.


:scream: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :exploding_head:

i can’t wait no more!


It’ll be on the Pirate Bay within a couple of hours of screening in the US.


I guess. I think if you have a VPN you may be able to just watch directly on HBO’s site? There are services that give you that ability to use online catch-up style stuff in the US.

TBH the reason I just went ‘NowTV’ in the first place was that I considered the lesser of two evils was supporting the creators through evil rather than just ripping them off via torrents, particularly as torrenting required a lot more effort than starting a free month’s subscription and paying one month for the final episodes. You don’t even need the box as you can play it on the web


g00gle “game of thrones openload” it worked for me the last 3 years, always got the latest ep at least the day after it aired

will be using now tv this yr tho cos conscience and that


Well that was anticlimactic wasn’t it.