GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Might be now tbqfh.


As if I could ever manage to keep it to just one each day


I got this FOR FREE from someone in the internet who didn’t want it!!!


did you get the free map


Haven’t opened it yet but



Wow, that would be a really cool thing to have on your wall!!!


Oh it’s going up



I get this reference


Is that Oslo?


very nice. enjoy a well done fantasy map. the witcher 3 has a nice one included with the hard copy and there is a great twitter account that generates random fantasy maps.


question about the wall:

likelihood of a dragon in the wall

  • likely
  • unlikely

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We already have an ice dragon now so


people seem to really want that wall dragon tho.

likelihood of cersei being with child?

  • likely
  • unlikely

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Do you have a dragon
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anyone want to throw out reckless speculation, summarised/blurred ofc?


everyone dies, the white walkers win. bitter truth will be this is probably for the best. if they retreated once this shows they are capable of politics, maybe they made a peace truce with humans and they broke it somehow. maybe that’s why they’re back and mad as hell.


I would be heavy, heavy into this ending!



christ, i’m bored


The boy doing the DMT in the tree wins


at first i hated it but the more i thought it over, it makes sense.


the first time we see them in the series we are encroaching on their territory. did they build the wall with our help to delineate this territory?? they never asked to be made to fight us, maybe they’re quite sympathetic in this light, idk. and if we assume the WW “generals” are all former humans like the king is, maybe they harbour some trace memories of how brutal and callous humans are.

like yeah,
really gonna miss theorising when this show is over