GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers





Yeah this is peak Sand Snakes season, I just play games on my phone while they do their thing


Shireen now. Goddammit Stannis


The more times I see this the more ridiculous becomes the entire shitshow that is Stannis’ «rise» and fall


Daario is also a really poor character. I like his scenes with Dany, but everything else is just yuck. Might as well have been two different characters, it doesn’t fit. Like when he’s taunting Jorah about «riding the dragon» — seems extremely out of character for the same man who’s all cutesy and lovey dovey with Dany.


First dance to the title theme?!


Brb need to find someone to marry


Finished rewatch of 1-7 last night. The drop in quality after series 4 is palpable but it’s still better than 90% of other TV. I’ve been trying to predict who might make it out alive but I love the theory above that nobody does. Would be a fitting ending (especially if it’s read as an allegory for climate change).

My theory is GRRM has told the show runners one version of how it ends, will gauge the public response to it after the finale, and then write a completely different ending in the final book.


really dislike the sudden deaths in this. like that guy who got his skull crushed by that unit, or the priest fella who got blown up.

its not big or clever.


This is a very well constructed arc and fittingly shocking conclusion imo. One of the best bits in the whole show.


I’m quite pleased with my decision to start at season 5 this time around — got just enough boring bits (Dorne, Braavos) that I really appreciated it when I could move onto season 6 and EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE.


Agreed. Loved his character first time we watched and his demise was a shock. Funnily enough on second viewing realised he actually gets remarkably little screen time.


the actor’s charisma makes him seem like a bigger presence imo. he was so good. like anthony hopkins is only in silence of the lambs for 15 minutes in total but that is his film.


yeah because weddings in GoT always work out


On the topic of inappropriate wedding themes, someone I talk to on Twitter yesterday was sharing her wedding plans which included a reading and decorative quotes from Ted Hughes. I didn’t want to bring it up and be a killjoy but come on! Glad I can get this off my chest here.


On the off-chance that this is of interest to anyone (maybe @whiterussian?):


Watching The Winds of Winter right now :scream::scream::scream:


Ok so I’m all the way through now. The most interesting thing about the final episode for me was that I’d forgotten where we leave Jaime at.

(Fairly well-known speculation behind spolier blur)

Makes that theory — based on the recently released character stills — about him joining the Starks a LOT more plausible!


i think he will join the starks just because he is trying to be a real knight, he’s feeling that pull of his conscience more than ever.

i can also imagine he will be having flashbacks to when he knifed the king over the dragonfire. perhaps he’s looking at dany and her flying nukes and having thoughts about doing same, great good and that?


*Rains of Castermere plays in background