GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



I think he’ll run into that bear again on his way north and they’ll team up for a series of adventures


the mayor’s daughter is kidnapped by the cartel, they must put aside their differences to save her life. the bear is initially grumpy and distant but we find out it is because his family was also killed by mendoza 20 years ago.


The bear has to drive the van, on account of Jamie’s hand. They mount the kerb whilst squealing round a corner to get away from the law, past a down-and-out drinking from a bottle, who looks up to see Jamie shouting ‘I told you, Indicate!’ at the bear. He rubs his eyes, looks at the bottle, and tosses it over his shoulder


jamie notices the bear’s wedding ring and starts asking banter questions, bear finally snaps and says don’t talk about my wife chief, okay. bad enough we’re stuck working this case together. later the bear reveals what happened over drinks, jamie says jesus man, i’m so sorry. bear laughs bitterly, “just another day in the world, right?”


Think all the previous seasons are up on nowtv from today


Bear takes off his face and it was Arya all along! Oh, how they laughed.


Do not have time for a full rewatch, so plotting a day of watching about 7 - 10 essential episodes with pals. Which episodes do you think should be included? Not just best but also plot pivotal.

These are in contention atm, but it’s very heavy on end-season episodes. What would you have?

S01E01 - Winter is Coming
S01E09 - Baelor
S02E09 - Blackwater
S02E10 - Valar Morghulis
S03E06 - The Climb
S03E09 - The Rains of Castermere
S04E08 - The Mountain and the Viper
S04E09 - The Watchers on the Wall
S04E10 - The Children
S05E08 - Hardhome
S06E05 - The Door
S06E09 - Battle of the Bastards
S06E10 - The Winds of Winter
S07E07 - The Dragon and the Wolf


what’s the one where robb and greywind scare the fuck out of jamie when he is a POW


And when Brienne has to fight a bear


And when The Hound eats All The Chickens


Looks about right to me, but I’d stick the fields of fire episode from S7 in too


Should we just keep this thread going until like, the day before the new season starts or something?


yes and also the one with the fighting pit where drogon returns, and the harpies are set on fire.


yes, but we should encourage wild speculation, getting wilder as we draw closer to the new season


I started my full rewatch last week. I’ve currently got 61 episodes to go, and 40 days to do it in. I’ll have days where I can’t watch any, so probably aiming at two episodes per day on 30 watching days. This should be manageable.


The prophecy everyone thinks is about Jon is actually about Tyrion. Arya is really a Lannister. One of the dragons is the real three-eyed-raven. Cersei can’t tie her own shoes. The Hound and The Mountain combine to form DogPeak, a fearsome warrior who ends up killing all the whitewalkers because it can fart dragonglass.


when does the new one kick off? don’t want to pay for any more now tv than i really need


No spoilers ffs


Sunday April 14th in America (so Monday 15th for us)


:scream: awesome