GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Absolutely baffling that a show known for having decent fight choreography let this slip through the net:

Were the coordinators just off that day?


hey i didnt write it pal :man_shrugging:


Kind of seemed like they had a whole different production crew for those Dorne scenes, they were so crap


Finished season one rewatch.

High point: maybe the scene where it’s Arya’s first lesson with Syrio and Ned is watching on. Not sure if it’s because Arya’s a better character or Maisie Williams is a better actor than the other young ones on the show (probably a combination of both), but she’s really great throughout.

Low point: that scene where Littlefinger monologues about his aims and motivations in front of some gratuitous (even by the standards of this show) nudity. Badly written, acted, accented and presented. Hopefully whoever was responsible is embarrassed when they watch this bit back.

Other notes: solid season all round. Obviously the plot took us in another direction, but it would have been nice to have more of Robert Baratheon and Ned on screen together, with Robert drinking and reminiscing about how strong and handsome he used to be while Ned punctures his ego from time to time. Would happily have watched a few hours of that.

Question based on things revealed in subsequent seasons: if Lysa Arryn and Littlefinger had Jon Arryn killed, was it just a coincidence that he had been looking into the issues of Robert Baratheon’s children at the time? Or were they aware of that and saw a good way to implicate the Lannisters in some shenanigans?


Word :+1:

Yeah, the early season nudity was a but much. Guess that other shows like Rome were all at it at the time and GoT felt the need to go for that kind of vibe despite the superior source material. Aidan Gillen has been entertainingly scene-chewing throughout in fairness…

The latter I think. Littlefinger saw it as a great opportunity to smash the entire hierarchy and put himself in a position to reap the rewards…


Definitely the latter.




Season two rewatch completed.

High point: Arya has another strong season, and the scenes with Tywin are just so much fun, but Tyrion coming into his own in King’s Landing is probably the best for me this season. He gets to slap Joffrey a couple of times, so that’s a delight. Also the Hound’s “fuck the king”.

Low point: It’s a really strong season all round tbh, but the Daenerys in Qarth plot only works sporadically. Kind of weird in that I can’t really tell if they spent too much time on that stuff, or not enough.

Other stuff: Blackwater holds up well, but you can see it’s on a lower budget than the seasons to come. Not being a book wanker and this being my first rewatch of the whole thing, I picked up on a lot more of the backstories of people like Stannis and Davos which was good. The Robb Stark/Talisa marriage looks all the more stupid given that there’s very little chemistry between them. Brienne and Jaime are great value whenever they’re on screen together.


yeah when i did my own rewatch it was super obvious that robb was in over his head in terms of leadership, bolton was practically telling him, “if you keep making soft hearted decisions and trying to be some honourable hero you are going to die”. don’t fight a war if you’re horny. a lesson for all of us.


They’re screening the first ep in the biggest cinema we have here (literally the biggest THX cinema in the world!?!?), might try to get tickets for it but will probably be an insane queue.


Imagine Jon Snow’s (Aegon Targaryen’s) face on a screen that big though. Imagine it.


Finished my rewatch last night. The superpals ranging north of the Wall bit is, if anything, even stupider on second watching.


Ikr :two_hearts: