GoT abstinence (is almost over) thread (Rolling) No spoilers



It’s a tryptich of your expresions


:smiley: the fuck


I had this as my cover pic on facebook for a good few months


Being a tall, blonde viking woman I can obviously relate with Brienne on so many different levels, so imagine my delight when she stopped being boring and did something truly great <3


brienne, boring?!


In the previous season she was getting a bit tedious iirc.


My all-time #1 GoT crush. Not even joking.


I know this is the no spoilers thread but you don’t need to click the link :slight_smile:

Photos from S7.

(Most of them look like they could have been from S6 to be fair.)


leak of a climactic fight scene from season 7. looks brutal.


Are the first photos really here??!!


Glad to see Lyanna Mormont is still around

Honestly can’t remember where anyone is and who’s mates with/manipulating who but there’s no way I’m watching it all again to find out


Who do we think will get whacked then?

Funny feeling Yara, Theon, Ghost and Viserys and potentially Jaime may be goners.

Reckon Viserys will turn heel at some point too.


jaime will be one of the last to go i reckon

no one cares if theon gets bumped so he’ll probably live.


Cersei will make it to the last episode. Think Jaime will fail if he tries to preemptively​ dust another monarch. Mountainstein will do kill him. i like the idea of Tyrion killing his evil sister.


jamie will die saving tyrion right at the end


One or two of the dragons will get killed really early on to give Danearys some bullshit reason not to invade King’s Landing just yet.

Don’t get how the Lannisters still have much of any army after 6 years of mounting debt, instability and near continuous civil war.


Fuck I hope it’s not another season where people fight miles apart before some dragons roar at the screen




I don’t think the Lannisters are in debt. I mean they have a LOT of gold and I get the impression that the Crown is in debt mostly to the Lannisters or else maybe to the Tyrells who are now a hostile force?


Oh I thought they were in debt to the bank and to the Tyrells.