GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers



last season was a remarkable drop in quality, felt like a different show

just remembered ed sheeran’s bit and got angry again


I’m hoping for something akin to Lost’s finale and its magic waterwheel of time (not that unrealistic given how Bran’s storyline is going)…


They’ve all been dead all along and this is a dream?

Never saw this at the time:


Good news, we can keep on watching for years and years

Also hard luck @ book wankers

In April, Martin also revealed that he will be publishing an “imaginary history” of the Targaryen family in November.

Don’t think he’s ever gonna finish that next one


He already said “No Book 6 this year suckas” back in March I think.




While I share your grimace, Kingsman was a pile of soggy shit to begin with. There was no polishing that turd.

I thought Kick Ass was pretty good apart from the “pretending to be gay” bit.


Targ book will be good, I like all the lore shit.

Series sounds dodgy though, surely the point of all the mythological history is that it remains murky and unknown. Always pleased when I see Jane Goldman doing something though, I had one of her cheesy teenage guide books as a kid, and she used to do a nice column about learning to play guitar in Total Guitar. And the Rosses seem like a nice family.


Game of thrones tree has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @


they’ve finished filming FOREVER


Getting hyped up pals


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Bollocks to that.


Good GRRM interview in the Guardian today




But I know he has a reputation for irascibility, and I also really, really want to ask him about The Winds of Winter . As it turns out, Martin brings up the book himself, and is warm and expansive on topics from fame and fortune to his progress on the long-awaited novel.


Final season starts in April