GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers



i went to one of these by mistake once. what a terrible day it was.


I heard today that Ed Sheeran is going to have a cameo in the new season (or the next, idk) because he's Maisie Williams' favourite musician. I didn't really know whether to post it in this thread or the judging people's music taste thread.




thankfully someone has updated his wikipedia page


Let's hope he gets a really violent death

#53 the show?


"Due to a freak accident on set, it is with great sadness and shock that we have to inform the public that the popular musician, Ed Sheeran, has been eaten by a dragon."


can't believe this show would lower itself to have ed sheeran on it!!!


Last two seasons have been pure cynical exploitation. The plot literally makes no sense at all.

Wouldn't care if the first three series weren't great.



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has someone actually dubbed james into that trailer?


No. It is not.

Please no more spoilers guys and gals, even in blurred text. (I’ve not specified this before so no worries. Just had too many spoilers last time and trying to read as little as possible this time around)


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Really hope James the band get a cameo ala Sigur Ros.


my blurred text wasn't actually spoilers, i am not an evil person!


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I am conflicted between Book Wanker and Prof of GoT. There are definitely a lot of people who know way, way more about the whole universe than I do, but compared to a casual viewer I am definitely a massive, massive geek.


yeah but are you a massive massive geek compared to the average book wanker? I mean I'm a massive massive geek compared to the casual viewer. I think the Professor category is for the top(/bottom) 1-5% of book wankers


I lurk on the forums as well as here :frowning: