GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Mate I found myself doing a full show re-watch after the end of season 6 and listening to all THREE of BaldMove’s podcasts on EACH episode along the way.


Ok, then I am simply Book Wanker™


here’s a query for you: I actually did listen to the audio book of season 1 and decided not to bother with the books. But am I already a BW?


HMMMM borderline. But I would say no.



I have read the books but won’t read any more that come out and I have seen all the TV but can’t say I am too excited about the rest coming out, although will watch them.



yeah definitely


Too Lame for Game (of Thrones)


post it in the spoiler thread, that news works on at least two levels re the word “spoil”.


Oh mates. I just watched that new promo/teaser thing. Got literal chills and kept gasping really loudly, to the extent that my sister is now laughing at me.


Sounds like you need to Sit Down.


but it was just some people walking and then having a sit.


In sympathy?


Do you watch Alt Shift X? He’s the only YouTube channel I watch new uploads from. Love that he’s got two new channels where he reads stories to send people to bed, because he sounds so sleepy! But his GoT stuff is awesome.


only the ones who fear the death of sadness


*sadpunk :fearful:


bit of a shock twist


Help me out fellow nerds: I’ve got everything right on this quiz apart from the Battle of the Bastards question (which I’m sure I actually know but it just won’t come to me right now)


Spoiler tags in case anyone else wants to do the quiz: Karstark and Umber


that was Arya and the Hound’s whole plot in season 3 tbf