GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers



Fucking Umbers the bastards, of course! Thanks


only one i don’t know is the last one


Think male Targ names

Got 18/18, neeeerrrrrrrddddddddddd




It’s Visenya or Rhaenys


ok wouldn’t have GoT either of those


It’s a bit of a BW question


Oh wow. Massive fail at that.

I get everything confused with Warcraft lore though tbqh tbf got bbq.



Got 16 without breaking a sweat. The two that I didn’t get were because they’re not referenced in the card game yet.

(when each of the Sand Snakes will FUCK YOU UP in different ways their names stick in your head. Usually prefaced with “FUCKING BULLSHIT”)


Aw sheeit I’m watching season 1 episode 1 right now


ivm a highly invested show loser who has read the first 1.5 books (still have the whole boxset in factory wrap though ha) don’t mind reading about plot divergences, BUT i feel the show has dipped in quality since it surpassed the timeline in the books, despite not reading the books. yeah.

will winds of winter ever be released?


WoW maybe

but he’ll peg it before the final book


there’s ANOTHER BOOK?!


Seven in total, was the plan.

WoW is never going to happen.


This is what GRRM should do: get his agent to pick out a few young, talented, eager writers. Select his favourite. Tell them the plot etc. Send them off to write a couple of chapters. When they’re done he can rewrite them to his liking - adding plenty of lamprey pies and nipples. Repeat this process until the book is complete. Release it. Repeat this process for the seventh book. Fucking easy.
I presume this has been suggested already but why not do it? Is his ego that fragile that he can’t possibly share authorship? It would be easy and fun work. The style change should be barely detectable. It would give a young writer a much needed break and a decent amount of cash to boot. The fans would get the remaining books in a timely fashion. I don’t know.


Eh? I can understand finishing a book series off after an author dies but while they’re still living then it’s up to them. What you’re suggesting is a bit like if Axl had asked a G’n’R covers band to come in and finish off Chinese Democracy for them.

The whole point is that it’s more than the story and even someone imitating a style isn’t the person creating it.

As it stands he’s said he doesn’t want it finished off if (when? :frowning: ) he dies before it’s complete and maybe that’s because he’s read the completed Wheel of Time stuff and feels it’s compromised by the new author, even if most readers might not feel that way.


new season starts July 16th btw


just clearing out my desktop folder and found this


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the guy on the left right?