GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers




Hmm. Okay that’s true the crown is in debt to the Iron Bank.

But the Lannisters aren’t in debt to anyone.


Should be by now. You know Cersei will throw some bitchin parties yo.


Big fan of this reply


i can FEEL him finally coming back to the show. my colleague has just noted that he was sighted on set but often that’s just actors being pals with actors so.



He’s both Gendry and another of Robert’s bastards in the book so it’s hard to say what might happen. One of them is rowing (although it was only to a waiting ship in the books) the other is just ‘about’.


They aren’t in debt in the books, but I’m pretty sure in the show Cersei made a comment about the gold mines having been all mined out and Casterly Rock having no money.


Rowing boy going to come back and marry someone… possibly Sansa i reckon. john marries Daney. everyone goes nuts


Reckon there will be an I Am Legend twist where they find out HUMANS are the real monsters and the Others have returned to stop them destroying the world.


oh ffs well now i’m never watching i am legend am i? you wanker!


well the targaryens do like to keep it in the family


oh yeah forgot that

john is offered to lead but defers to his sis. john eventually marries… no one because he decides to return to the black watch


It’s a Will Smith film made after Independence Day so that was basically true anyway, surely?

  1. Jaime is clearly the Valonqar so won’t die just yet

  2. I do care what happens to Theon :’(

  3. are we all agreed that Dany is in all likelihood settled on Dragonstone for the time being???


Who’s this ‘John’.

Do you mean ‘Jon’? You know nothing…etc.


1 - I really REALLY want to read Book 6 just to find out what happens to him. *
2 - Nah, fuck Theon
3 - For sure.

*EDIT for clarity: it’s something they haren’t revealed via the show whereas most of the other cliffhangers from Book 5 seem less pressing.


Oh no, nerdbot has done me.




It’s no Mistborn is it?


What is this