Got an email through from Phosphorescent's PR giving a brief overview of what he's upto over the next few months

Apparently he’s going to be starting a serious bulking phase, so he’ll be piling into the white meat and wholegrain pasta.


This is the kind of content I come here for.


I am suprised it is not a collab with Radiohead he’s announcing, but pasta … I suppose that will do.

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This is great news, I had a feeling this might happen.

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I look forward to seeing his gains

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Aw Come, Aw Whey

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We’re gonna use this thread for the new album etc. First single was absolutely bloody lovely:

Sounds like he’s in a pretty great place


I’ve been lucky enough to hear a copy to review. It’s really great. Doesn’t stray too far from what he does best but in my opinion some of his strongest tunes to date


Enjoying this. Has a bit of a Paul Simon vibe going on, which isn’t a connection I’ve ever made with Phosphorescent.

The other new track, Christmas Down Under is magnificently off kilter too.

Ooh I haven’t heard that yet. Will get on it

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This is so good - I’ve been feeling awful today and this has done a lot to lift my spirits.

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Well that could just go on forever couldn’t it? Super weird, my best mate moved to oz four or five years ago and we went out to do Christmas with him in smellbourbe. One of my abiding memories of that Christmas Day was listening to Song For Zula with his mates over lunch, we were all talking about what a great song it was and picking it apart. Then we all headed to the sea and jumped in with some beers :beer: a good day :beer:

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Yeah, I’ve been hammering both these new songs over the weekend and getting increasingly excited about the new record. The vocoder harmonising with the regular vocal on Christmas Down Under is really haunting and for a 6+ minute song that just repeats the same three chord sequence throughout it holds the attention doesn’t it.

I’m a big fan of Song For Zula too - there’s a great performance of them playing it in a KEXP session on youtube. Love seeing how it all comes together - you and your mate should see it if you haven’t already.

Massive fan of this Jordo thread being used for Phosphorescent’s actual new material as it’s one of my all time favs


Here’s my take on the new record if of any interest to folk… spoiler alert…its Brilliant!

Really liking the new album