Got any actual trophies?

I’ve got

  • a trophy for coming joint third in a judo competition when I was about 7
  • a trophy for winning a Sonic the Hedgehog high score competition when I was about 8
  • a plaque for winning a Netrunner store championship when I was 31


Muscle atrophy



  • Won a fantasy football competition (trophy is in the shape of a footballer, looks more impressive than the truth)
  • Was 1st in the class after 5 Statistics GCSE past papers
  • Came 2nd in a cricket tournament (there were two teams in the tournament)

Of course not.

Loads of trophies for quizzes. I have two for coming first place in All Ireland quizzes so I’ve hung on to those.

got one for getting the best GCSE results in my year group
few football ones

sudo Got any actual trophies?


yes - took DiS football to the cleaners during my first and only season. Goal of the season 2009.

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Oh I also have a quiz one. A friend had actual trophies at her 30th birthday party. And a quiz.

Great friend.


I like to call it my sportsperson of the millennium award

although it’s been customised with a bit of paper over the engraved bit cos I presented my boyfriend with it when he got 33 retweets


A few football ones, a few swimming ones, some running ones, a hockey one.

Also got a go-karting one. “Are you a professional? Well you should be.”

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Loads of football ones. mostly player of the season ones obviously

This count?


a few football and hockey ones, some music ones as well from various music competitions when a kid.

all boxed away in my parents house somewhere (I think).

Got a few swimming medals somewhere in my parents’ loft.

‘DiS Football Player of the Year’ when it actually meant something.

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Enjoyed this

  • Portchester Youth U10 Managers’ Player of the Year
  • Portchester Youth U11 Players’ Player of the Year
  • Hendon Under U15 Managers’ Player of the Year
  • 4 x Man of the Match trophies for 8-0 (x2), 10-0 and 10-1 defeats (pity votes for the goalkeeper…)
  • Harrow Youth League U17 Premier Division Runners Up
  • Harrow Youth League U17 League Cup Winners
  • Harrow Youth League U18 Supplementary Cup Runners Up (defeated by 4 goals from future Watford & Brentford striker Scott Fitzgerald)

Surely we have too many cups nowadays.

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