Got any 'annoying' items of clothing?

got a jacket that’s a reaaaaal pain in the ass. I’d say 85% of the time I go to open/close the pockets, the zip gets caught on the inside lining. BULLSHIT

so yeah, stuff like that

not the best thread…agreed

Wearing a shirt right now that has no buttons on the cuffs - as in it’s designed to be used with cuff links. I’m way to cazh to wear cuff links on an average Thursday (don’t own any actually) so have to have the sleeves rolled up (I’d do this anyway to be honest). Still a bit annoying when putting on a jumper and I have to fiddle about with my sleeves to get them right.

but it makes the top 10 of all time nonetheless

yeah, I can see how that would be annoying dude. thanks for chipping in!

I have a shirt that has an ace print but is a double cuffer, and fuck wearing cuff-links outside of a wedding setting. Have to roll sleeves accordingly…

Got a t-shirt which looks great but has a seam on the shoulder that rubs uncomfortably against my skin. Find myself pulling at it to try and stop it irritating

i have a dress with pockets, which is an amazing thing, as loads of womens clothes don’t have pockets because of fucking sexism and that, but anyway, YAY this dress has pockets, but they’ve been sewn on the wrong fucking way round, like if i put my hands in them then i have to slide them backwards

fucking load of bullshit

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I’ve got one pair of boxers that are very, very slightly too small. I should chuck them out really, but they’re not unwearable, just slightly less comfortable than the rest.

Got stuck in my leather jacket on the train this morning because the zip has started jamming.

I had to act cool and extricate myself like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.


The waterproof jacket/windbreaker thing I got the other day is nowhere near waterproof enough for a proper rainy day and it also makes me sweat an absurd amount. This time of year is the absolute pits.


Confused. Do you access the left pocket with the right hand? And visa versa.

nah. they’re just sewn on (in?) very badly

like you slide your hands forward into pockets, but the pockets go backwards

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oh man, glasgow right now is a nightmare. always wearing a big raincoat to keep dry but it aint that cold and rushing to do nursery pick up and then pushing him up a big hill gets me sweaty af.

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Truly awful stuff mate. People who claim to like autumn are naive babies who believe the real world is the same as in their baby’s picture books “ooh, crunchy leaves and beautiful colours!” no mate it’s nothing but sludgy disgusting mess and rain combined with sweat.

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You’re thinking of Glastonbury mate

I wouldn’t go so far personally mate, there are benefits eg its not too cold/hot

Or maybe they bought a breathable rain jacket because they’re not an actual idiot.

I’ve got one slightly too short pair of work trousers. They’re wearable, but I show a bit too much sock when I wear them.

Also: I’d really like to have bought one of those chunky sweaters (Fair Isle?) last winter but they’re really annoying. Unless you’re out on the briskest of winter walks, or you live in some kind of unheated barn, they’re pretty annoying for heat management.

yeah, steady on Ant!

That is true provided it isn’t either raining or really windy which it literally always is.