Got any 'annoying' items of clothing?

Got a denim shirt with an itchy label in it. I put a sticking plaster on it about 6 years ago but it’s come off now. I was wearing it when me and @meths both turned up to the DIS football awards in denim shirts (FYI)

Oooh la la! A breathable rain jacket! Look at captain fancy pants over here!

I’m generally annoyed by my lack of good clothes and have been for ages. Don’t know what I want either or where to look. Whenever I go to shops I always buy another underwhelming shirt or a far too over-whelming shirt which I can only really wear at a wedding or super fun party (as rare as a wedding for me these days)

I’d rather be captain fancy pants than captain uncomfortably moist pants any day of the week.

Botafogo football shirt

Bought it for the equivalent of a few quid off a bloke roaming the stands at one of their home games. It’s 100% polyester and doesn’t breathe at all, so you get incredibly sweaty when you play football in it. Only wear it at 5-a-side in the middle of winter when it’s freezing cold.

Got a pair of jeans where the small coin pockets in each large pocket have torn, resulting in every item I put in my pockets catching on them and tearing them further, making the problem increasingly worse over time.

my current pair of jeans are too big and I have to walk around with my hands in my pockets to keep them up as I’m a massive cheapskate and won’t buy a belt.

Got some skinny jeans where the pockets are always coming a bit out, is really odd and I don’t know why…??

I’ve got some jeans with quite large pockets. however, the opening to the pocket is quite small and it’s difficult to fit my hand in there - I have to contort it uncomfortably, and once I do I have to root around for awhile to find what I’m searching for because the pockets are quite large and things get jumbled up.

Got two back-up pair of socks riddled with holes. Need some newies so i can relegate others to back-up

I own a scrotum beanie hat with way too much air space in the head area, similar to this:


Initially, to reduce the amount of “lift”, I affixed a strip of velcro to the top of the beanie and a strip of velcro to my wallet, to secure my wallet to the top of the hat thus weighing the material down and flattening it.

One day when walking around my neighbourhood the wallet detached from its velcro and fell to the ground! I almost lost my wallet! So I gave up on the velcro idea and I just wear the beanie with pride now, but put my other personal belongings underneath the hat for safe storage. Sometimes it aches my neck if it’s a wallet containing a lot of change, but c’est la vie.

Another hat I own with an annoying trait is a full faced balaclava, just like the one below. Really comfortable and warm in the cold, but I sometimes forget I have it on when I walk into the bank and all hell breaks loose. Got taken down by a security guard one time.

One of my tshirts has a label that sticks up by my neck.

obviously any inappropriately pocketless items of clothing, and worse, clothes with fake pockets

i have a navy skirt with a print of grey and yellow boats. i bought it because i like the boats and the fabric, but unfortunately i hate navy and every time i wear it i have a struggle to decide what to wear with it, then feel really drab all day because navy is such a boring colour (imho)

Just a few rogue pairs of boxers that always ride up my arse crack.

I should probably identify and isolate the culprits really, but I don’t like binning underwear no matter how tatty it gets.