Got any community spirit?

I’m talking community as in your immediate vicinity wherever you live, not as in I think we can all agree that there is an enormous amount of community spirit on this online discussion platform!

The street I live on now seems to have a worrying amount of community spirit, yard sales that everybody comes together for, halloween done to a level I’ve never seen in England with neighbours decorating their own properties and spending the evening on their porches engaging with the community instead of being indoors ignoring the doorbell etc.

My level of community spirit extends to potentially smiling at a person with a neighbour with the ultimate aim of befriending the dog rather than the person. There is a lovely dog that uses our shared garden and the other day I was waving at her out of the window and the owner unexpectedly came outside so I felt obliged to wave to him as well despite the fact I have 0% interest in developing any kind of a rapport with the man. I’m hoping that this error of judgement doesn’t come back to bite me in the bum.

Anyway, how much community spirit have you got? Talk about community things in this thread.

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No but the street I park my car on has an annual street party that they appear to take VERY seriously.

My tower block’s occupants are really friendly to each other but I’m not going to bake them any cakes or anything.

Oh boy. We have a sub-street near our flat which is closed regularly as a “Play Street”, there’s proper official road signs for it and everything. I don’t really understand what it means.

No nonces.

Would you offer them a pre-made Mr Kipling angel slice? (Please note that these typically come in backs of 8 but are paired up and individually packed in pairs so there may be a chance of you having a spare)

I chat to all the oul’ lads and ladies in my local, that’s about it.

Don’t know any of my neighbours, they seem to change every year. It’s a shame, I’d like to get to know more people in the area. I’ve been living there for nearly five years and I know the people in the pub and the local shop better than my neighbours.

I joined the community in planting trees in the local park. I think that answers your question.

If they asked, yes. Otherwise, no.

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Elaine across the way emails my wife almost daily about neighbourhood watch type things.
I haven’t spoken to a single neighbour since summerhousegate.
Worked out well really. The other neighbour has literally 4 vehicles for 2 people so is obviously a cunt

I’m a member of the local resident’s association, but apart from reading the quarterly newsletter, it doesn’t go much beyond that. There are local groups and get togethers that I don’t really get involved in. Being a member does give us discounts in lots of the local restaurants and cafes, which we try and frequent on a regular basis.

I’ve done a bit of council-chivvying about bike hangers, cycle infrastructure, flowerbed planting etc before, when it’s been asked for, too.

Knowing a person in the local shop counts as community spirit IMO and it is a dynamic I enjoy and will attempt to cultivate.

Yesterday I went in a new Lebanese restaurant near me to get some meat without bread/rice/salad (as previously discussed here in fact (Although this wasn’t raw): Ever purchased raw food from a takeaway (deliberately)) and the man in there was very lovely and spoke to me for about 6 minutes whilst the meat was prepared, asked my name and shook my hand on the way out. I am looking forward to cultivating this relationship further.

Apart from the landlord in the local recognising me and also me recognising some of the locals, nope.

Thank you for your candour.

basically a London Elaine

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I’ve been telling him that for yonks.

Got some methylated spirits under the sink, if that helps at all.

Goodness me! What a classic example of community spirit!

I understood this joke but I didn’t really care for it.

Should’ve pasted it into a dril tweet, you’d have fully pissed yourself.