Got any community spirit?

See above comment about twats and gentrification.


Are you including mattresses in your home as part of that seven?

I can’t remember everything we’ve put outside but it always goes within hours. Little heartwarming tale for you: the local radio station did a Facebook post saying “What do you love about living here?” - and someone who’d collected our CD rack posted a pic of it online:



Absolutely none, which is very 2017.

That’s one of the good things about living in the middle of nowhere, although it can get mighty lonely sometimes.

Landlords flytipping cleared houses disgusts me. It’s such a problem in London.


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No way.

I did once leave an old wicker washing basket out on the street with a “PLEASE TAKE ME” sign and it was gone after 10 mins!

There’s been enough examples of things being left in the street for others to take in this thread that I’m wondering if it could be a thread in and of itself…

oh we get a lot of mattress dumpers and firework chuckers (especially at this time of year) not to mention that the manchester bomber lived a few streets down but we have lovely car boot sales in the park in the summer as well

Will there be any opportunity for you to duck in ahead of a child and press the button for the lights yourself?

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I live in the Olympic Park in Stratford and we were one of the first to move in (early 2014) - there is a Facebook group for residents and when we first moved in there were huge attempts to get people together for a drink and other things but its now mainly used to moan about whoever has left the bin rooms in a state. They also insist on calling it “East Village” something I have refused to do, to this day.

Pay my council tax. That’s about it so far.

Alright, David Moyes.

I think I’d probably like to live in the Olympic Park village especially as my work is relocating to basically there next year

I am afraid I do not understand this reference.

Ooh are you relocating to Here East? I eagerly want a job there and not have to get the tube for 75 minutes a day.

We are indeed, gonna be a bit of a pain from where I am now to am hoping to be able to persuade the TV of the benefits of a move over there…

I would smirk if I saw that happen in a sitcom but audibly laugh a lot if I witnessed it in real life.

Ooh yeah you should if you can, the flats are really nice (practically luxury compared to some of the horrible places I’ve lived before) - we were fortunate to get on the intermediate rent scheme as we were already east London residents before. Not sure what you earn of course but also worth looking into.

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Nice one. I think it seems like a sensible option full-stop tbh especially given we’re hoping to get some of that sweet share-to-buy action but am being met with some resistance thus far…