Got any controversial music opinions?

Surprised to see some legit controversial takes in here lol


Which Cure albums arent a mess though? Apart from HoaD, maybe.

A big lovely eton mess of a band.

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17 seconds

Hm ok you got me but some of the messier ones are amazing (continues to be lone flag waver for 3 imaginary boys)


Disintegration is dirgy and quite boring


Disintegration: some good songs but way too long and samey.
17 seconds: yeah, actually this one is great.
Faith: dull as ditchwater.

Pornography is both consistent and really good though.

Takes one to know one


I wasn’t using ‘mess’ as a criticism; I think Cure music is messy in a perfect and delightful way.

Apart from the gloomy stuff, which is messy in a terrifying and inescapably labyrinthine way, like an industrial cement mixer full of angst and shadow.


Worst Cure album. It is a mess.


Well it is the controversial opinions thread I suppose :open_mouth:


It’s not wrong though…


Disliking Disintegration for being too long and samey is like disliking The Fall for being a bit repetitious or Sunn 0))) for being a bit droney.

Disintegration’s songs may mostly be long but they’ve always got interesting things going on throughout.


Bloodflowers is great and a couple of strong tracks away from being a worthy successor to Disintegration


Agree about the fall.

Just had a skim thought The Cure’s greatest hits and there are at least 5 songs of theirs I know that I didn’t know was them. They were just filed in my head under “80s” in a subfolder called “songs I forget exist until I hear them and then forget about them again as soon as they finish”. Bit of a long folder name tbf.


Ok, Cure albums.

Start with 17 seconds. It’s got a dark ambient feel to some of it I think you’ll enjoy, plus the singles are amazing.

Faith is amazing as well but start here.

As other people have said, the Head on the Door does a nice line on the Cure being pop with some great gothy numbers.

The 80’s greatest hits is just showing off. So many flat out amazing songs in one place. The VHS version turned me into a Cure fan in one sitting.

And we’ll finish with Burn. The song from the Crow soundtrack that turned a generation on to the Cure.


Persisting with Disintegration delayed me from getting into other (imo) better Cure albums. For me, the best Cure albums have that tension between love-struck giddiness and melancholy. Disintegration is just them collapsing in on themselves and embracing oblivion. Nothing to leaven the mood or offset the utter despair of it.

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Brilliant, thank you! I’ll get investigating…

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I hope you enjoy them.


This doesn’t belong in this thread, but Staring at the Sea and Galore are by far and away the best Cure releases. Nothing else comes close, though they do have tonnes of other amazing songs.

Staring at the Sea followed by Galore did for me way back and I think is the perfect starting place.

It’s hard to recommend someone a general best Cure record cos there are numerous that are best depending on what you like, for me it would have been Wish because it’s mostly wistful dreamy pop, if you want minimalist gloom Faith, if you want a kaleidoscope of their extremes with more funk than you might have anticipated then Kiss Me.

Love Disintegration, I’m there for the long bleak un’s but I don’t find it a drag, the four singles are really diverse, interesting pop songs and Plainsong is one of my favourite openers

Sorry that none of this is spicy