Got any controversial opinions?

It’s going really well, everyone’s happy for me


High fives from cars on both sides


Where are you now please?

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The M62

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Nobody, not even players, coaches or commentators actually understands the rules of rugby in anything other than a general sense (only throw the ball backwards, run or kick for points etc).

Referees arbitrarily award penalties throughout the game to mix things up, to exert their authority and to ensure the correct final result is reached. The perception of greater respect towards match officials than in other sports is actually nothing to do with safety or culture but rather a collective fear that arguing back would expose you as the only one not understanding what obvious rule was apparently breached. So everyone agrees it was a clear infringement whenever a penalty is given and the whole system reinforces itself.


Yep agreed. It’s basically Mornington Crescent but with bigger thighs


Exactly. Referring decisions to TMO is meant to give the impression of consistency and scrutiny, but in reality it’s just theatre no different from Derek Acorah checking first with his spirit guide Sam.


Shiny Happy People is the best REM song.

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Food from hotel restaurants is often safe, bland and tailored to the tastes of older people. Much better going almost anywhere else.

Not really that controversial actually

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Drag story hours sound dry

Eurovision is fucking terrible


Validates my love of it even more :heart:


I work with somebody who talks about it daily all year round.

Windows peaked with Windows Vista, as it got boring once they got all the bugs sorted. It was much better to not be sure if your computer was going to work, and it gave you loads of chances to just doss off when it didn’t work, and more importantly gave us all a directed target to talk about.

Windows 10 is too good. Boring. Fucking give a blue screen of death once in a while.


Any version that lets me set it entirely to the classic win95 theme for me, Clive. Every other Windows UI paradigm has introduced too much tinkering with the basics for precisely zero benefit ever since.

Trying to merge a mouse+keyboard OS UI with a touchscreen one was a hiding to nothing they’ve never recovered from. Had to give up on phones completely. Broke their desktop/laptop OS. Well done MS. Very well done. :upside_down_face: