Got any cool moves?

I can do this thing where I put a jacket on by throwing it in the air in front of me and catching it in the act of putting my arms through the sleeves and twisting so I am catching it and wearing it in the same movement.

Got any cool moves yourselves?

I am really good at throwing things in bins from distance, and I am very casual about it when I hit the target. People think I am really cool.


Very cool! Thank you for sharing.

I am trying to learn how to hold the leg holes open and jump into my boxer shorts. It’s very hard

God bless, I wish you all the best with this

Gonna absolutely amaze everyone in the changing rooms



Really good at catching stuff. 'er indoors throws stuff at me just to see me instinctively catch them. Last weekend she absolutely rocketed a pair of socks at a point to the left of my head and I - no glasses on, -4.75 vision in my left eye, right handed, just got out of bed - was suddenly very confused at why there were a pair of socks in my left hand.

I should be in the circus really


@AQOS and I should team up. I can’t throw very well.

no thank you, cool dudes only on my team


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Is the ball in question a hockey ball as well?

Alright, Captain Falcon

me and my mate Matt are excellent at throwing and catching, we once threw a ball to each other in a swimming pool in Spain for hours without dropping it once, we were scared to get out of the pool because it’d break our amazing streak, I ended up getting sunburned.


Double-jointed in both arms, so I can scratch proper hard to itch places on my back.


V, v cool.

(I only did hockey once and I accidentally smashed Jezza in the face with my stick doing a really high backlift)


None, but if i went to this class i would have


Me and Gudge once did 150 headers across the desk to each other whilst being sat on our chairs the whole time.


I can do the Zippo tricks

I don’t understand how the “squeeze the Zippo and the lid pings open” trick works, but I can do it. The downside is I stank of petrol for most of the 90s


Once i threw a book at my brother down the hallway and curved it into the kitchen just as he ran in and tried to close the door and it hit him. One of the legendary moments in my family