Got any crap commemorative stuff?

Plates? Coins? Other commemorative stuff? Post about it in here if you want.

think I’ve got a load of big coins celebrating royal shit somewhere.

silver jubilee, royal wedding. people bought children that crap in the 70s and 80s.

EDIT : I have no idea where they are. I bet my sister has them.

Do you get on well with your sister?

I don’t. Do you think I should get some?


I’ve got a commemorative coin from the 2017 Netrunner European Championships.

Beat that, nerds.

If you could, please.

I’ve got a set of stamps from 100 years of cinema (did a project on cinema in year 6, found it recently, googled to see if they were worth anything, they were not).

gonna get a Silver Jubilee tattoo



Probably one of the tattoo places in town.


FUCK! That was going to be the joke I was going to do!

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Just today I bought some Harry and Meghan bunting.

Where will you put it?

Gonna post anything with them?

Let’s commemorate this moment with a special plate.


Good plan!

My Grandma got me a Queen’s Jubilee mug for my birthday once. I think she identifyed quite strongly with the queen, they were the same age, big semi-dysfunctional family etc. My parents have it and I use it for my tea when I visit and feel like a real tory but it reminds me of my gran so fuck it I’m a tory


I’m going to hang it over my desk I think.

My Gran had absolutely loads of probably quite valuable commemorative royal stuff but she threw it all away when Charles and Diana got divorced as she didn’t approve of it.