Got any goals for 2017? You should have!


Yeeeassaaahh, 2017 is looming. You can’t progress or move forward without goals. What do you want to achieve next year? Savings? Learning an instrument? Visiting two new countries? Getting a promotion? Packing on 15 pounds of lean muscle? Joining a political party? Running a marathon?


Srs tho.


Might try and do a marathon mate, we’ll see. At the very least I want to do the Hackney Half quicker than I did it this year.

  • record a double album
  • make 2 short films
  • get in shape
  • read more books


Got my first ever marathon on April 2nd in Manchester.
Thinking of planning a Sheffield to Colchester bike ride in the summer


Be a good dad.

PLANS FOR 2018 :tada:

FINALLY get into the Cowcadden LegBop B Team so I can train every (other) Thursday with @TrainBoy



this. plus:

Lose 3 stone
Manchester half marathon
Stop drinking on my own



Lose 5kg. Win a crit.


You need to come more to the Phartie’s Chat and Chew dance lunches to build up your Bop_Pounds (£Bop) and place 4th+ in a few ‘First Dance’ Compos and then maybe you will get an audition for our crew. (Also calling us a ‘team’ isnt doing yourself Any favours, would a ‘team’ wear their own different styles to show their individuality, I dont think so)

  • Do my first ever Marathon
  • Start cycling into work two, maybe three, times a week.
  • Sort out the back garden
  • Decide on what we’re doing for the front yard, and save up enough money to do it.
  • Learn Japanese again.

PLANS FOR 2018 :tada:
  • Cycle around the Italian mountains
  • Go see my pals in Israel
  • Hopefully see the Northern Lights in Iceland this time


Do more around the house and be more supportive at home while my missus does her final collection for uni


Surely Bop_Pounds are lblb?


No, that would be too confusing as one of the podcasts is called the LegBobLowDown (lbld)


Not a lot really that isn’t just a continuation of my ongoing decency.

Although would like to bang half a stone off and keep it off.


Move to ‘the north’ - looking like Leeds at present.
Climb a V9 boulder - targeting ‘The Keel’ at Almscliff.
Contingent on Point 1, buy a house


You know I can’t come to the Chat and Chew Dance as I have BushCraft. My bad about calling it a Team though, sorry.


Geoff and the Continuation of Ongoing Decency.


Of course! Sorry, more of a Bop Digest man myself.