Got any good cooking shortcuts/hacks?

Garlic Lurpak has made my life immeasurably better. I’ve made garlic butter the longwinded ‘proper’ way and frankly life’s too short when you can just get it in a packet. Particularly good when roasting potatoes in it. What cheats/shortcuts/hacks are you upto in the kitchen then?


Wet chopping board for cutting onions. Your eyes sting cause they’re wet, give the stingy particles somewhere else to go.


See also: rice and mashed potato


Yep, absolutely

What the hell is the matter with you?


Smash is great.

Don’t know if this is a hack as such but so many people seem to get this wrong so:

When cooking a steak:

  • Get the pan/grill/bbq really bloody hot. Like max temp under the grill. Or leave the pan on full heat for a good while.
  • Oils with high smoke points are best (rapeseed is pretty good IIRC).
  • Season the shit out of it. Loads of salt and pepper. Both sides, rubbed in. Just before you cook it.

I see loads of people complaining about buying crap steaks from supermarkets (“It was too tough”) when I don’t think they’ve cooked it right and rendered the fat down properly.


This is less a hack more just something people should do!

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Even better rice hack; rice cooker.


It is, but it’s no substitute for the real thing.

Even better rice hack; put the rice in a bowl of rice. Delicious.


The real thing in a chilled, microwaveable package.

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Prison is too good for you.

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Real mash if somebody else is making it, Smash if I’m making it.

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It’s perfect for when you don’t want to waste 20 minutes of your life preparing a mediocre (at best) accompaniment to your meal.

Maybe worth it if you eat loads of spuds but if we buy a bag of potatoes they just end up going to waste.

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Really want to come to the North and make you some mash now.

Real mash for my real friends, smash mash for my smash friends


You’ll struggle to find me up there for a start.

You can do whatever you want with your mash, it will never be more than a boring preparation of a boring vegetable.

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Half a pack for halloumi, lightly fried red pepper, dump in some cous cous with dollop of pesto. Takes 15 mins or so and is a world beater. Can also add courgette, broccoli etc to that for bonus veg points.


Midlands is the North to me. Actual North is Scotland. Scotland is Scandinavia.


Slice it long ways into 4 big slabs. Holds together better that way.

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