Got any good gossip?

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Heard Metallica were a bit right wing

Nothing since standing in the way of control imo


Apparently Will Vaulks to Cardiff is a done deal at £1.5 million

The primary bit of gossip I’ve heard is that Claude has handed in his notice because he didn’t get the role he thought he was going to, and was instead gazumped by Anna, who despite being less experienced is clearly much more suited to the role (and not a neo-nazi, which helps). Dead chuffed for Anna. Claude can fucking do one, the big baby.

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Rachel is having stress with her fella, he’s not giving her enough attention and keeps going down the pub on Thursday night with his friend; a woman
Becky* is keeping a diary of what time everyone comes in and leaves because she got reprimanded for her timekeeping
Michelle* is leaving in 2 months which means she will be free to carry on her extramarital affair with Becky

(* Not real name)

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Are Becky* and Michelle* the two from the coffee shop?

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The alcoholic oaf at work is also a homophobic. What a prick.

Becky sounds as pathetic as Claude


Brenda* dumped Jaheet* even though he told his family he wasn’t going through with the arranged marriage they’d set up because he wanted to be with Brenda so that sucked but now they’re back together and everything is right with the world :smiley:


Yep. Still at it

Vicky can’t join today’s team Skype catch-up as her dog has swallowed something and has to go to the vet.

Still better than my excuse for why I’ve not gone along to this internal conference thing today, which is literally shrug_emoji


See, I keep pushing this but no one’s having it. I reckon “because I really just do not fucking want to” should be an adequate reason for not doing anything.


My housemate has organised to propose back to her boyfriend in the chapel where they first met. After literally months of fucking about over it and turning it into a big dramatic saga, he will finally be proposing to her officially in a month’s time in Japan (twice: once privately and once with a photographer) and when they return to the UK she will propose back to him in Canterbury.

I was pleased for her but, as she’s been banging on about doing this for 6 months plus now plus loads of wedding stuff when she’s not engaged, I was more interested in reminding her to order toilet paper



I propose a proposal!

thought I might have scratched a car that was parked outside with my shears when I was trimming the hedge and was pretty worried but then I went for a walk and the car had a bunch of scratches at the front so I think they had a crash or hit something and my conscience is eased

Wait, so she’s already planned a reciprocal proposal, even though her boyfriend hasn’t yet proposed to her, and he’s going to propose to her twice?

I’m all for a lack of spontaneity in relationships, but that sounds like like a lot of unnecessary stress.

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It’ll be good if he says no on the third one