Got any good gossip?

Since when was this a thing??
Stop the world, I want to get off…

Yep… And they’re planning to start ordering wedding stuff and looking at venues before they get engaged. They both got each other’s engagement rings last month.

I’m very fond of her recently but this wedding saga is literally so tedious and drawn out. Tbf a lot of it is on him, he’s psyched himself out way too hard about the whole thing as they’re no sex before marriage* types and so their entire lives have been built around getting married FOR LIFE. If you get married in a church you need premarital ‘counselling’ sessions apparently with the pastor but they had theirs before getting engaged. :see_no_evil:

*they pretend that make out seshes in their underwear count as “absolutely ploughing” each other though and go on about it all the time :face_vomiting:

I think it’s kind of nice in a way but I don’t understand why you would bother if you’re going to tell them you’re going to do it and where and when :roll_eyes:

Now I’m just embarrassed for them, that’s really sad

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More than I’ve got going on atm tbf

I feel bad for making fun of it/being savage but there’s really only so many times you can hear the details of ‘a really hot make out session’ from a 3 year relationship, especially the toe curling details of how they try and be spicy without… any spice

I’m half appalled and half really really impressed at the self restraint.

^This. He must have balls like a Space Hopper