Got any hankerings right now?

28th is the friday, can defo do that but if you can only do the sat then will catch you soon i hope

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Well, I’m off the Friday, so can do so, but don’t want to be forking out for double the train tickets, so if I can stay over that’ll help on that front.

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Cuddling pls

Some sort of mega dopamine rush, I think I just want to listen to some really brainy-lighty-uppy music really loud (I might be too tired for it to cut through though)

A pint of Guinness and/or a Creamy Beamy
Government to be overthrown

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Got a hankering to be having some white wine and salty crisps with Slicky.


Funnily enough all this talk of the 25th anniversary has got me loading up an emulator to play it for the first time in years too. Need to figure out how to get a controller attached to my computer for it to work though. Hmm.

Currently eating some black pepper kettle chips and drinking a diet coke. Lovely.

didn’t they do an n64 controller for the switch? imagine it’ll just be USB. can get generic ones off ebay if not,

I have a hankering for it to be winter already.

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Hankering to play Slay the Spire but I dunno when/if I’ll get my ps4 set up in this house


Oh god

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Roast potatoes and mayonnaise, some sort of crispy duck, maybe something (even more) sexual

Someone to decide what I want for dinner

And to deliver it to me

i just ordered a curry if that helps

Where was this advice 40mins ago mate

Will never be here in time now

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Haven’t smoked a joint in about 8 years

But got a bit of a hankering for some nice weed and a bifter on the roof on something like that


Had a pull on one of those weed inhalators a couple of months ago courtesy of an American mate, but not had a full blooded, baccy lined British spliff since 2019.

Would be very nice.

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had a lovely smoke in my little spot again this evening

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