Got any new to you words in your vocab lately?

Have started saying ‘heel’ and I’m liking it a lot. I really like it when Catherine O’Hara says it on the plane in Home Alone - ‘don’t you feel like a heel flying first class with the kids in coach’. I am reviving it in her honour.

Still struggling to get ‘swell’ into conversation despite it being an ambition of mine for many years now, and it being one of the Greatest Adjectives Of All Time. GAOAT

Aiming for my vocab to be 90% 1920s-1950s American in origin by 2022.

(also very conscious to use folks/folx in place of guys these days when I’m trying to round up my tour groups - feel lovely and quaint about it)


John Bercow said “arrogate” during his undressing of the PM the other day and I now want to crowbar that in everywhere.

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Oooo that’s nice.

I’ve realised I’m happiest with adopting one-syllable words but if I get the courage I’ll work up to an arrogate one fine day.

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I learned the word ‘tintinnabulation’/ ‘tintinnabulary’ (a ringing or tinkling sound) the other day and I love it.

I haven’t used it in conversation yet though.


tintinnabulation tintinnabulary

Good luck will rub off when you shake hands with me!


Not relevant to the thread, but Catherine O’Hara’s internal organs are all mirrored from what’s expected, so her heart is on her right hand side, etc.


I wish I had this guy’s vocab <3


Thank you very much, this information is swell


As someone who watches too many film noir I endorse this wholeheartedly.

You seem like a swell twist :wink:


This thread was actually started because I’m trying to convince my company to let me rename a building inspired by film noir terminology :laughing:

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Can someone from disintegration state make some music that’s just Rod Serling talking?

Like You Are Listening to

Very much like it when he says ‘I’ll take my lick’ in this. Not telling you when because you should listen to it all. The Twilight Zone - Rod Serling Interview (1959) - YouTube

Earlier I learned that formication (not to be confused with fornication) is the sensation of insects under your skin when there aren’t any.

I go through phases of obsessively using ridiculous words and phrases. I’m still in my ‘superb’ era; a few years ago it was ‘content’ to describe any and everything (gerbils - ‘superb rodentian content’); recently it’s whether or not things are “in line with my creative vision” and describing absolutely everything as being ‘canon’. Also ‘chad’ (taught my mum what it meant on Saturday. she lost her mind when I tried to explain cucking.)


I learned that last night! (Depths of wiki?)

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Yes! Possibly my favourite Instagram account.

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Still can’t get over that marathon they posted about

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I’m going to start using ‘buckwheatish’ despite no one, including me, knowing what it means.

I wish I did

It feels like my English vocabulary is constantly backsliding thanks to living in a fawn country

I could always do daily random dictionary finds I suppose

Let’s try that

@scout give me a number between 1 and 1428, followed by a number between 1 & 12

Yeah, I have a really basic vocab these days, that’s something I really admire about Americans, they seem (on TV at least) to be really hot at using synonyms rather than saying the same thing all the time.



378,7 eh?

I wonder when I last had an electuary ?

When did you last have an electuary DiS

  • Within the last week
  • Within the last month
  • Within the last year
  • Within the last decade
  • Not since I was a little kid
  • Never

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Nice call back to

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