Got any noises you like?

I like it when you open a new jar and it makes that sucky pop sound. I also like the sound of the ball hitting the crossbar.

You can vote in this poll about what the best noise is as well if you want:

  • Pop!
  • BANG!
  • Swish!
  • Tick, tick, tick
  • RING!
  • Thud.
  • Something else (please specify)

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i think about this video frequently


This is very funny

the rolling sound a bike tyre makes on the open road. A soft thrumming sound i suppose.




You might not agree, but I like the sound of all ten pins crashing down in a bowling alley.

I also like the sound of:

The first slice of a trifle being removed
The noise a car boot makes when it opens
The noise dogs make when they are excited

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A puck hitting a hockey post is phenomenal.


I DO agree! I love that sound, very nostalgic and good for me as an ex-bowling alley employee.


I like this noise too but I should stress that this is NOT a valid contribution as there are no animal noises allowed in this thread, a new thread will be required for the discussion of noises made by animals.

Oh good, I wasn’t sure if it became annoying after a while.

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The silence after an engine turns off

Not a noise.

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Sure it is, we don’t live in total silence, it’s just comparatively quiet

a riffle shuffle

“Oh hey, Ruffers, I was meaning to ask you, what’s your favourite noise?”
“It’s actually the absence of the sound that an engine makes”

Can you imagine having this chat with your mother or father?


My parents personally? Yes, undoubtedly.

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And neither of them would be disappointed with your answer!?

Fair enough I guess

Some metal :metal: noises I like:

A big knife being sharpened
The sliding door of a van being closed
Those big fabric scissors cutting through… fabric

Edit: I’m honestly not a murderer!

My Dad would agree I feel
My Mother I doubt would be interested either way

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