Got any noises you like?


Can you ask them what their favourite sound is please?


Sure! Can you do the same? We’ll reconvene here.


RuffDad: the sound of silence after Tone shuts the fuck up.




I know my Dad thinks the ECM label’s slogan is the bees knees and thats “the next best sound to silence”


Cat purrs, all of them


On a scale of adorable to infuriating how would you rate miaowing?


No animal noises please JazzBazz, new thread required for them. As much as I’d like to I can’t have one rule for Marckee and then make exceptions for you I’m afraid.


that’s exactly what a murderer would say.


I like the weird sympathetic and screeching sounds trains make while sitting on the floor between carriages, sounds similar to a set fire to flames track


talks about bomping a bit too much but generally pretty good


Meows when I’m trying to sleep - hate them 10/10 (cats aren’t allowed out during the dark and they haven’t got used to daylight savings yet)

Other meows - the best

Will never forget that day my cat made a very loud meow, because he was licking his bum, farted in his own face and frightened himself :sob:


When you turn the shower off that final sort of little burst of water.

Turning a dial that clicks


Washing up a wok


Oh okay, then the sound of distant ships and the sea and anything nautical except seagulls :ocean:


A kicked spring reverb


Harmonics on a guitar


Some non-metal :raised_hands: noises:

Waves retreating on a pebble beach
A breeze through a big old tree on a summer’s day
A log fire


Keep meaning to tune a guitar that is tuned so that all the basic chords of a key could easily be played with only harmonics, got a spreadsheet somewhere were I have tried to figure it out, don’t think I’ve cracked it, and probably wouldn’t sound great because the just intonation equal temperament clash but might give it another go


the pings and pongs of ping pong