Got any official observations in your passport?


None here


I got a lot of “LOL, John Lennon!” observations when I had my Britpop haircut in my old passport. Border control people couldn’t help themselves.

Nothing official though


JFC young jeremys_iron - ‘sex: M’ :thinking:


Sexy: Mmmmm*


Sex: “with this haircut?! :joy:


Should say yes please! Right?

Also you look a lot like Korl off Walking Dead in that photo


I’ve never seen the walking dead so I’m going to assume I look like a zombie :grinning:


16 y/o profk. Had a bad coke habit appaz.



And the hair of Robert Smith.


Ah yes. This was the late 90s but still.


Want to feel old? This is what Jake Bugg looks like now.


This is ironic cause if you put my '06 and '11 photos backwards it literally does look like someone turning into a zombie


jeremys_iron; with your face as wide as your neck. Why have I posted this?!



Getting a distinct trenchcoat vibe here, mate.


How was your time in …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead?


Gonna have to lament the lack of on topic replies, though. Feel like @Antpocalypsenow saying that.


I’m a very easy going and nice man.


Quite terrifying when you warp the weird ghostsy picture above the regular one (also no observations)


I was thinking Tim Burgess tbh…