Got any official observations in your passport?

I’m a very easy going and nice man

I can’t stop laughing at this profk. Your hair makes your head look so big in this!


You can see in November when we are doing headline shows after My Vitriol bail on us


Your turn then



I do admire the economy of space employed by your North African immigration official lads though - Got two visas on one page from Egypt and the Tunisians not only did that, but squeezed them on one of those pages with all the terms and conditions type stuff on.

My one from Japan is just a sticker with a QR code for the immigration people to scan, with a stamp over the top for when I left


I’ve got a load of EU passport stamps after I found out you can still request them. You have to do a weird set conversation with the official where they ask you to confirm it’s only a souvenir, not for legal reasons. They’ve got a little icon of the mode of transport too- boat, plane or train. I wish I had found out before last year.


Really wish I’d known that back when I got my first passport, doesn’t seem worth starting now


I travel to a lot of weird little airports for work that you’d probably never fly to as a tourist. It’s never too late to start the collection though!

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We’ll be getting em for real I’m a few years

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In fairness I’d only be missing two from my most recent passport so I could start now I guess…

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I know how to say “could you stamp my passport” in a variety of languages now

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From the last 18 months I’ve got:
London- Eurostar terminal
Caen ferry port
Zadar (Croatia)
Brnik (Slovenia)
Paris Gare du Nord

I’ve also been to Prague, Schiphol and CDG but they all had automatic machines rather than a person

Oooh, this is cool

As a brown skinned individual, I tend to always assume that I’m 3 seconds away from being escorted to a back room for strip search and accordingly try to concentrate super hard on looking non-terroristy at immigration/ customs…so I doubt i’ll ever remember to ask :frowning:

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Didn’t know this… I’m about to do lots of travel with work and a brand new passport so going to see what I can get.

That’s crap that you have to put up with that extra stress.

I don’t think asking for a stamp would go down well anyway at a big stressy security theatre airport like Heathrow or CDG, but places like Split and Baden airport are more like a glorified bus station, and they don’t really give a shit.


the feeling of stepping outside the airport into a new country for the first time, and you’ve been researching and thinking about what the country is like, is one of my greatest pleasures. weird, since I’m very badly travelled.

remember getting out of the airport in Bratislava and being like WOAHHH and then getting a bus into town but got off once I realised I could arrive at my destination on one of those terrifying trams they have.

plus, made sure I got my ticket as my friend who was living there at the time had been busted by what is by all accounts the most effective secret police system on the planet.

mine just has two stamps, one when i went to nyc and another when i went to nyc 7 years later. probably the most pathetic passport around.