Got any opinions at the minute?

Air them if you want.

I’ve got an opinion that I’m working on about how we’re at the stage now where it shouldn’t be possible to buy shampoo AND conditioner, they should all be combined in 2017

capitalism innit Ant

How does the combined stuff work if it’s meant to remove grease as well as kind of put it back in at the same time?

Hmm, interesting…

Pizza Huts and Taco Bells should all be combined in 2017

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check your non-greasy hair privilege mate!!!


This isn’t a thread about challenging people’s opinions, it’s a thread about airing opinions.

Hey everybody, Ant’s a formulation chemist now!

(not sure where I’m going with this)

Let me muse in peace!!

Up your own arse mate along with the post you just did which you can shove there

Yeah that seems about right.

opinion: cinema is in the worst state it’s been in its lifetime


Sticky floors?


Agreed, my local cineworld has the seat numbers on the arm-rests instead of on the seats themselves which leads to a lot of confusion as to which seat is which (because of the fact that the armrests are shared between seats)

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people who can’t bear not reading their phones/playing games etc. on crowded as fuck public transport to be taken round back and shot.

Fucking blinder this one mate, terrific opinion formation.


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Ban cars


Ban bikes

got some ribs on some wood on Saturday

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No allow bikes, ban cyclists.