Got any payments pending?

Thank one from Nicks News is from Friday (Washing up powder and a couple cans of tyskie). That’s a long time to be pending.


Waiting for payment to credit card to show up on the statement. If that counts.

Yeah why not. How much?

do you want my mother’s maiden name as well?

got a few paypal payments pending for records

It was about £160~, would have been higher but had Taylor Swift refund.

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Couple of quid for a Nintendo Switch game. Couple of quid for a sexy ebook.

Cool, cheers

At nearly £6.70 I hope it’s some very good news indeed!!!


Just did my car insurance as one annual lump sum rather than monthly. £594 pending ouch oh no

Me too.

council tax

Waiting for one pension to transfer into my existing pension but that’s it

I’ve got about 300 quids worth of cheques to pay in. What does one even do with cheques in the 21st century never mind during pandemic armageddon?


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Can you do mine for me please? I’ve tried three times and very quickly give up out of boredom.

Yes. For a very reasonable rate of commission.

My bank doesn’t show me the pending transactions. What are they trying to hide eh?