Got any pipe dreams?

Thinking about opening a pub in some out of the way place in the woods with a little room for live music in the back.



move to a small city in europe somwhere


Opening a wee greasy spoon cafe in my later years that I open and close on a whim.


I would like to make the top cut of a National level Netrunner tournament or higher.

Or relocate to Scotland but keep the same job. One of the two.

Design my own house, obviously.

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Would quite like to learn how to make sushi properly then have a tiny basement restaurant that seats 8 people.


Would you go on grand designs? Always wondered if they get any dosh for going on there.

What ya gonna do when you get there?

All of them

I’ve idly thought about moving to Glasgow and trying to do a portfolio year at the school of art. I’m too much of a square to ever do it though.


Maybe own one of these one day to really sophisticate my vape game…


I’d just like to have some sort of functioning business by the time i’m forty which turns over enough money to pay my bills but involves quite a small amount of actual work on my part.

And a small old house in a town or city somewhere sunny somewhere abroad i can get a direct flight to in under two hours to spend evey other weekend.

Not that unachievable, surely?

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To own a house before I die.

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Pick one!

Camper van tour of Europe and beyond

Mate of mine’s got one of these. Obviously at first I thought “what a twat” but now… I’m onside with it. Holding a pipe or a pipelike thing is very satisfying.

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To own a restaurant I do zero work in but turn up occasionally to sit at ‘my’ table in the corner and everyone makes a bit of a fuss over me.


:rotating_light: @DiSBikeWankers assemble! Group ride to Jazzballet’s cake shop. :rotating_light:


Excellent pipe dream, there.

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Err probably this book I’m “writing”. Even if it ever gets finished, which it won’t, nobody will care :man_shrugging:

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