Got any pipe dreams?

Second-hand book shop with cafe. Completely impractical.


Earn a living in a respectable job.


You don’t really get paid for going on Grand Designs, but some people use it as leverage to get freebies and discounts from suppliers.

Knowing what the programme makers are after, I’d never go on it - either as a punter or as a client’s Architect. They deliberately look for schemes that might go wrong, filtering out those who are competent or who have employed a full design team. Even if it goes well they then usually edit it to inject jeopardy.

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Ooooh yeah, a woodshop! That’s a good one.

Pretty much the name of the game, unfortunately.

Go live on a remote island off Scotland. Or a less remote one and run a small b&b ot cake shop.


Alright Ron Swanson

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Own a husky or two. Seems fairly obtainable in practice but would need money / space / time all of which seem a way off


Does it matter if nobody cares? Feels good just to do it.

Hmmm tell that to the crippling self loathing at the heart of all my problems

Not have to get up every day to come to work.


Haha good one :rofl: :joy:

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Yup. Bloody editors.

Would recommend

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Two more:

Have already made millions and earnt the respect of peers so days to be filled with long lunches and the occasional mundane errand much like Larry David.

Being really old and leather faced, all dressed in black or grey spending days sitting with other similarly dressed old people playing some kind of card game on a table in the shade in a town square somewhere in the Med.

Personally speaking, we’re usually forced to do it against our will or to a degree we’re uncomfortable with.

Using the DiS Community Record Label to become a Diddy style media mogul.


Would like to get some pigs and then make my own ham from scratch.

The first thing to do is get my own house with a garden.

Cottage. Big garden around it. Many dogs. Gold Lamborghini.


:smiley: :pig:

Oh :disappointed: