Got any regrets?


I’ve had a few


Should’ve seen Big Star when they played at the Connect festival in 2007. Don’t know who I saw instead.


Oh aye. But what’s the point?


i beat myself up proper for turning down a certain job in 2014 which would have made me very happy. don’t anymore, but fuck me, I went mad over that

My final year of university, probably.
Looking back there wasn’t a lot of agency into what was definitely an episode where I’d elected to start sleeping on park benches and stuff despite having a room, but a mixture of bad acid trips and just not doing anything destroyed any potential I ever had immediately (or at least for the next few years) and probably confined me to oblivion forever but :man_astronaut:

[Stubs out cigarette, stares into middle distance]

How long have you got?


oh I shouldn’t have told literally everyone I knew when I landed an interview for MI5 because they probably found out about that


Just a couple of minutes, so if you could keep it concise, thanks

Dunno if I have proper regrets but I do definitely have a handful of very pivotal individual moments where I often wonder how my life would have been had they gone differently.

If I had tucked home a late equaliser for Pluckley CofE Primary School against Bethersden in the small schools tournament instead of fresh-air kicking I genuinely think I might be a more confident, less self-loathing human being.

If I had locked the bloody door in my uni halls bedroom so as not to be caught in the act with someone else’s gf I would possibly have finished my course and it would have been even more of a waste of time and money than the first year ended up being but at less of a cost to my various family and friend relationships.


A few, but two that nag at me are not going to a couple of stag dos. Not because I think I’d have had a good time, but because I feel that I should have been more supportive. Maybe burned a couple of bridges there unnecessarily.

Also the time I got involved with somebody at work. That was super dumb, under the circumstances.

But mostly it’s the stag dos.

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Really fucked school up. In hindsight it would have been easy just to not be a bellend for two years but for whatever reason couldn’t, so got kicked out and scraped poorer grades at college before falling onto a generic ‘dunno and nobheads’ course at sixteen - an IT GNVQ. Again, could have pissed it but couldn’t be bothered. Never wanted to go to university until it was too late. In hinsight i needed much more of a boot up the backside between about 13 and 16.

[Finishes whiskey in one, slides a napkin over to you and walks out.

When you turn the napkin over you read the following statement:

‘Never played any of the Suikoden games.’]


Pursuing a job with no work / life balance. No-one taught us at school that having a career might mean being at work basically all the time.

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Should have found a new job earlier than I did. Should have gone to a new job before my old place closed down and I was forced to go freelance because I had nothing else to do. Fucked me up financially and I’m still paying off my stupid income tax now. I ended up with not enough work and used my savings to live on and then I had no money to pay the previous year’s income tax. I should have signed on or something but head held high I wasn’t going to do that. I was going to earn my money. Got a proper job in the end but wish it was sooner. Much sooner.

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drinking 6 pints last night


Ask me when I’m in my 80s.

Very few if any. As UP says above, what’s the point? But I’m not sure we necessarily have much of a choice whether we focus on them or not. I feel lucky that of all the ways my brain chooses to be my enemy dwelling on regrets isn’t one of them.

I could genuinely have made my life better if I’d done certain things in the past and in recent years I wasted way too much time on a doomed enterprise to my very real emotional cost featuring constant repercussions. But it’s done.

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dunno mate. Just blessed to be alive tbh