Got any rivals, friend?


Tell me about your rivals if you want


I’ve got no friends, rival.


Now I don’t believe that for one minute!


I think I’ve told this before, but the first time this really nice guy came to the Netrunner pub sessions, we played and I beat him with this awful deck that’s really not fun to play against (it was all I had with me).

Fast forward a few years and it’s the guy’s last ever pub Netrunner session (he was moving away to be closer to family). It’s a tournament, and we’re paired in the first round. He tells me that ever since that first game, it’s been his goal to beat me just once. So, since it’s his last ever session, and he really is a lovely guy, I smashed it out of the park and beat him in both games :muscle:

tl;dr no, not really


Sounds like you’re the baddie in this rivalry?


it’s not really a rival, it’s just someone I don’t really like very much


There’s also the guy I beat so hard he refused to shake my hand afterwards. Fully irked. Maybe we’re rivals now.

I’ve got dozens of these stories, Ant. Just say when.




Let’s hear about them foppsy-woppsy


are they all so homoerotic?


Do you have any that don’t involve whatever Netrunner is?


Not sure if this counts but I was really drunk once and called an acquaintance’s (well really a friend of a friend) band shit to his face because he was being annoying. Thing is they’re actually quite successful and he teases back now about how it is my bands that are actually shit.


Sounds like a regular Tupac vs Biggie, Jay-Z vs Nas, Taking Back Sunday vs Brand New scenario to me…


Those were just the SFW ones.


Absolutely not, no.


Just a guy, he turned up about this time last year in another department, a handful of people left shortly after in large part because of him I think. I’ve been unfortunate enough to have to work with him in the past few months, he seems to be really coniving. I had to get up and leave the room once because of his presence. I don’t think he likes me either.


Loads but none of them know.


They still count, tell us about them ZKB


Sounds like a dick, you should spark him out IMO


i agree with ant, you should shoot the cunt