Got any secret identities?

Don’t worry. Just try to make less boring posts, that’s all.

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Hello Smee

edit, fuck!


In most of my interactions in life I’m identified by a series of sounds that my parents thought best encapsulated my identity shortly after I was born

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I am a secret lemonade drinker

any good?

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No, I don’t think anyone previously or currently on this forum has ever done that…

It’ll do, I guess


No. Definitely not.

I’m just a mild-mannered janitor.

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I thought that the tram timetables that I inevitably bring back from work trips were good proof that I have actually been in e.g. The Hague, but I bet you could get them online then scruff them up a bit in your pockets so it looked like you’d been using them. Maybe put a coffee stain on them.

I really think this is one of those instances where you need to be the change you want to see.

I’m done with this thread I think so I can’t really invest in it. I’m thinking about starting one about “mankind’s capacity for destruction” that will be centred around what you can and can’t break with your bare hands instead.

i dunno tone, i could try to give you something about how at various boring admin jobs in my past I have hidden my identity as actually a super cool guy with interesting things and special talents happening outside of my job in order to avoid the confrontation of that identity with the overbearing mediocrity of everything in my workplace identity, but I don’t know if i can ba.

Can only handle one

What do you reckon you can and can’t break with your bare hands?

I am worried about your fleeting attention span and commitment to this community

Currency would be fine, it’s easy enough to keep a stash of Euros. Could claim I don’t have any receipts because they’re already in the expenses system at work. Brexit might be a problem if I have to start falsifying passport stamps.

My commitment to an individual thread is not a fair reflection of my commitment to the wider community which is unwavering.

I’ve just printed something out, and not picked up. At some point, someone’ll pick it up and ask the office ‘who’s is this?’ and I’ll say nothing, and nobody will know what’s going on, except me.

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fuck off mate i was baring a part of my soul for you there

put it away Smee

You have broken my heart (with your bare hands (by typing that post))

EDIT: Unless you were wearing gloves?

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