Got any side hustles?

went through a ridiculous phase of buying retro game bundles cheap off facebook marketplace and making some significant profits by selling the individual titles that they didn’t realise were worth a lot

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I teach improv, standup, presentation skills and just generally being ok with failing all over the place and being super arcitulate.

also communication skills.

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I’ve got my audio visual project
Which occasionally leads to stuff and even more occasionally leads to things I get paid to do

Want to step it up more this year


bit of music stuff , hustling and what not

got 45 tracks on some music library that get picked up by tv and ads and stuff


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I probably won’t tho as I find the hustle part exceptionally demoralising, maybe everyone does

The only one that actually makes money is trading, mostly retail stocks occasionally forex, otherwise writing a political newsletter/blog.

Yes! Another thread I can JAG my music in!