Got any stamps on you?

in your wallet, purse etc? maybe you leave them at home? maybe you are at home?

anyway, I’ve got 4 first class just kicking about


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yep, 5 left out of a 6 pack of 1sts which i will totally forget about and when i next need a stamp i will buy another pack of 6.

Got 3 firsties left out of a book of 6 that I keep in my wallet. A busdriver would have to accept that as currency.

Five first class stamps in my wallet. Very rarely ever need one.

Nah man, haven’t bought stamps for years.

I do have two passport sized photos of myself in my wallet at the minute which I need to take out and put somewhere else.

Ye… What where have they gone? Mrs S is always taking stamps out of my wallet. No idea what she’s posting all the time.

I’ll swap them for two (2) stamps.

NO DEAL. Cannot remember the last time I needed a stamp.

They’re on the pinboard in the kitchen. A good mixture of first and second class jobbies.

Just above the takeaway menus.

Great thread. I’ve got zero but could do with some really. Bought some nice Peter Piech postcards from the Peoples’ History Museum yesterday

These two, in case anyone is interested:

Glad you asked as it happens. yeah, I’ve got one purple coloured first class stamp getting dangerously close to squeezed off it’s card. I didn’t know that was there. I might stick it on the old cork board later, for safe keeping

Got about three Christmas stamps from last year. Used one of them this morning so that the cheque I’m sending for ground maintenance looks festive.

I found some unused Xmas stamps from last year a few weeks ago. Felt good using those bad boys out of season.

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