Got any stories from when you attended a wedding?

Be they funny or stories of a wedding disaster.

I don’t really. Last one I went to the groom was proper drunk and his speech went on for about 10 minutes longer than it should, punctuated with ‘wooo!’ ‘oh yeah!’ and ‘it’s my birthday!’. Best man had to not do a speech cause everyone was hungry

I got married. The end.

It was an emotional day, even the grooms speech was in storeys


Last one I went to, I was the toastmaster so everything was just perfect thanks

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Sat next to this guy at a wedding a couple of years ago and the first thing he said was “last time I went to a wedding I ended up sat next to Liv Tyler!” and went on for ages about Liv Tyler. And I was like alright mate, sorry I’m not Liv Tyler. God.

Bet he fucking made it up and all.

Very small time and boring story but it’s the best I’ve got


I remember going to a family wedding and my cousin Colin getting quite drunk and showing off his dance skills. He could do the splits and pick up a beer bottle with his mouth. Quite the sight.

Oh at the same wedding, the best man got so wasted that he ended up unable to do his speech, in spite of having had lessons from a toastmaster to prepare him.

I probably wept

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It was held on a Wednesday, if you please!

yeah two

the first is after @xylo’s wedding where i spent all day being very very drunk and dancing, and then got the last tube back to whereever i was staying. on the way home off the tube i went to a kebab shop, got a kebab and and chips, and enjoyed being shouted and heckled very much by wearing my kilt. walked it up to my mate’s flat, got let in by the concierge despite being unable to state the friend’s name, and then made my way up to their flat. i the got in, went out on the balcony and then dropped the kebab over the edge, chips and all.

second; at my own wedding, after the meal the lads came up to me and said “hey, time to pay for the food”. i had already paid. they said i hadn’t. i was mid-dashing white sargent. so guess what - i had to find a family member who had brought their credit car (to a cash only wedding where we were running the bar) to pay for it.


this is basically a horror film.


white or brown?

at my sister’s wedding i got to my table and there was no place set for me


Oh man, the horror!

I got a lovely takeaway from the Tibetan place once, walked home with it thinking well, I just spent the last of my money on this so I’m really going to enjoy it - then as I was crossing the road, the bottom fell out of the bag and a bus ran over it.


Get PTSD flashbacks whenever I cross the road in that spot now


gonna have nightmares from this thread


One of the bridesmaids at my cousin’s wedding got ejected for doing coke in the toilets.

One of my sisters went to a wedding where Sarah Harding, RIP, was in attendance she apparently at one point grabbed someone’s camera as a joke and started taking photos in someone’s face shouting “See, its not very nice is it!” :pleading_face: :two_hearts:


Went to a wedding once (cira 2005) and Rick Astley was the evening entertainment.

Went to a wedding where some friends kids were playing about and there were some garden statues. One of the kids ran into one and it began to topple over and I pulled off some international cricketer level fielding and sort of dived and caught it before a very heavy statue landed on this kid’s head and caused serious injury. Hardly anyone saw apart from my girlfriend who was VERY impressed and is now my wife.


Went to one quite a few years back and ended up sat at a table with someone I recognised but couldn’t quite place. Turned out it was Liv Tyler!


I went to a wedding where the couple had chosen ‘The best thing that ever happened’ by Gladys Knight for their first dance and the DJ played ‘You’re the best thing’ by the Style Council. The bride stormed off in tears which is an understandable reaction to Paul Weller.