Got any superpowers?

Need to be on an airplane though

I can make weather

(provided it’s wind)

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Pretty, pretty good at soup. You might say it’s a, hehe, souperpower. I mean, you might say that.


I knew you’d say that.


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x-ray vision :smirk:

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Always know who’s shagging in any office I work in

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I can move objects with my mind.

(The objects are also in my mind).

Doesn’t count if it’s you mate

Oh yeah? Well, I can create objects within my mind

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Caught wanking behind a fax today?

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Corrosive hand sweat, the worst superpower
Would be relegated to work in the X-Men’s postroom, until they need a very important envelope opened in a way nobody would be able to prove. Then they call for ACID MAILMAN

All my posts turn to gold

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@Antpocalypsenow Now That’s What I Call Community Gold


Powerful at crying

Adding time travel to his list of powers too?

I’ve got something to admit.

I can’t really punch through metal (up to 15cm thickness) with my left hand.

I was just trying to impress you all but it was a lie. Sorry everyone.


I had a feeling you were only a 14cm guy.