Got any switches in your abode that you don't know what they're for?

You know how every now and then you’ll see a switch in your abode and you don’t know what it’s for? Got any of them?

I don’t think so actually. We recently discovered there’s a loft though. 14 months we’ve been living there.

Gonna convert it?

Not since we had the whole house rewired and stuff. Before that there were doorbell switches by internal doors, cables running all over the place, that kind of thing.

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How do you not notice a loft?

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have you been binge watching Friends, ant?

Absolutely not.


I don’t really understand all the timer options on my cooker though

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That’ll do, cheers Tim.

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oh and writing has all worn off my toaster - I know which button is for frozen bread, and which cancels the toasting, but anyone else is in the dark

We’ve got a switch in the kitchen and we’ve no idea what its for, its a three way switch.

When we got the kitchen done last month, we got rid of a load of switches but the builder left that, as it was still wired. So now we’ve got a shiny new mystery switch.

We’ve also got a phone socket in every room, including the bathroom, toilet and garage. Its crazy.


Yes I have! Want to see?

Finding more with each passing day, fucking This Is The House That Jack Wired.

I’m interested to know if the toaster in question had numbers for the different heat settings or if it had some other sort of visual indicator?

Do I!

the phone sockets would have been a real feature once

it’s a dial - so it’s easy enough just to go with 11 o’clock

dial it down to 10:30 ish for bagels

I use 3 for bagels, 5 for toast and 8 (!) for crumpets.

How many more buttons does a toaster really need?