Got any talented friends?


I was just going to post this video of my friend Tekla playing a song a few years back in the listening thread, but I thought it might be nice to make a thread to give props to the people we like a lot and share their stuff?

she’s a fixture in Manchester. I’ve seen her loads over the last six years. her songs feel very lived in. I think a lot of us here feel like we live in those songs.

I think she’s way better than just being a local thing, but idk.

I’ll have a think about my other talented friends and post some more stuff. you could all join in, that’d be swell.


Not really for me but impressive work. Actually googling her I stumbled across this

And briefly thought you were downplaying her popularity a bit before I got the timescales straight!


Got a friend who’s written 4 best sellers, but you bedwetters would sneer at it because it’s not Murakumi. :slight_smile:


My mate Dave once dropped a marker pen and it landed and stayed upright!


Is he really a mate? Did he get you anything for your birthday?


Loads, mate


I just had a look and he didn’t even whatsapp me!

But I messaged him. His birthday is shared with Burns Night. This relationship seems a little one sided.


High fliers like Dave just haven’t got time for that sort of thing.


To be fair to Dave he is now a VP of finance or something and his house makes me want to puke my guts up.


Ooh who is it?




Banana Yoshimito


Dan Brown?


I have a lot of talented friends! Here is one of them:

(Posting the link to her website reminds me that I need to buy her book!)



A pal of mine was in that mmisl




Got some friends that are pretty, pretty good at Netrunner, if that’s what you’re asking.


yeah i do he’s called @Bamnan

and there’s others too

this is absolutely amazing


One of my best mate’s ex-girlfriends recently won a major literary prize but now she’s getting backlash hit pieces in the New York Review of Books and I am here for it.