Got any talented friends?


aw you’ve made my day :blush:


Like most people who aren’t creative i rise above mixing with such folk by devoting 100% of my spare time to drinking heavily, talking about sport and struggling to surpress the deep, deep self-loathing.


One of my friends carried out a massive mobile phone scam getting millions of pounds but then went to prison. So, semi talented really


A friend of mine from uni used to do sketch comedy but is now on the telly and that. Her comedy partner (the one playing Colin Farrell here) went on appear in Sherlock, and my friend’s now in The Windsors. Stoked for her success etc but The Windsors is… not my cuppa tea.

It’s all very silly but stuff like this live after a couple of drinks at the Fringe always tickles me

and the guy who sings in the band that @elthamsmateowen and I are theoretically in, but which has in reality died a death, has a fucking great voice and has had a really interesting semi-career with it. Here he is, performing in front of Mel Blatt from All Saints on The X-Factor New Zealand, because the band’s drummer was a judge on the show. New Zealand is a weird place.


without wanting to sound like i’m kissing your bum… you’re a really talented writer

sure, you may not think it’s that good, chatting about football on the internet with us

but i would absolutely read a book by you if you wrote one

the only other DiSer i can say that about (due to their DiS posts rather than any other ‘proper’ writing they do) is @captainricebox


I got in the audience of Jools Holland when one of my mates played once… got to overhear Pete Townsend being incredibly weird backstage.


Been thinking about trying to write a couple of football pieces for fan sites and that. Even if they said they weren’t good enough the process of sitting down and focussing the mind would be positive, i think.

Really wish i could draw, or paint, or teach myself how to play the guitar or piano, or even just get into photography. There’s no reason why anyone couldn’t do that, beyond a deep lack of motivation. Always had this mental block that you have to have a natural talent for things or get into them young rather than teaching yourself stuff as an adult.


Lots of friends who are in bands which range from being Quite Successful to Minor Indie Fame


No one famous or that successful but my house mate is an amazing drummer.

This his old bands DiS review back in the day.


Great band.


Yeah loads. Think moousee’s puttingher album out when she finishes it?


Best band



Cherry Ghost - a great Ivor Novello winning artist in his own right but big songwriter these days (avicii, liam gallagher. sam smith, rag n bone man)

Liam should have been bigger - bit of a bright eyes (lite) songwriter from manchester

My friend Rach does this electro type thing


Getting started with piano is as easy as finding the c key and pressing down on three notes with a space inbetween each note and moving that shape around, get a cheap Midi controller (I like korg microkeys)


Omg I love that Liam Frost album but it only sold about 6 copies didn’t it. Outrageously good, don’t think I can listen to The Mourners of St Pauls without getting a lump in my throat :heart:️ If memory serves he chatted up my then-gf after playing night and day when it came out as well coz he knew her housemate


ha - yeh signed to some part of sony called lavolta and they just didnt market it at all

shame cos he was excellent - live as well

He is still doing stuff solo and trying to get the band back together

Mourners is sad knowing his story


Hmm. This is kinda became “got any famous friends” hasn’t it?

I have a friend who runs a very successful business he made from nothing. Has huge clients and recently had chats with a huge company about acquisition of their work. He deserves it all.
Another is an editor for a huge science journal.
And another is currently try to save children’s lives at a children’s hospital, and comforting those who aren’t going to make it.


Also, my friend Eddie is a certified lunatic but possibly the best pianist I’ve ever seen playing outside of the royal albert hall. Most of this is a garbled nonsense, I’ve just skipped right to the end of the video when he starts doing poly rhythmic shredding.

This is the guy who came on a stag do for 2 nights in berlin wearing this same suit, and didn’t bring anything except his passport.


Ahhh right

Well ALL my friends are talented in one way or another


If we discount fame but are talking success, then my friend has been VERY succesful with his glass etching business