Got any talented friends?


Yeah saw him a few times round then, really good


could never be associated with someone wearing that hat


i played with him loads - mainly blowout night at bierkeller

those were the days


yes, one


Liam Frost is legitimately very good.

Cherry Ghost for me was the absolute peak of coffee table music, but i imagine he earns a decent living from songwriting.


I found some of the old posts I’d made on here yesterday, while trying to root round lyrics to send to my band. all nonsense, but I had fun writing them. I don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm at the moment though, which is a shame, for all.


you’d be a great football writer imho


Old pal I knew from school won the best female artist Brit award and a few Mercury noms. Haven’t seen her in a few years though.

Few mates on here are really talented - always been mega impressed with how @elthamsmateowen decided to teach himself guitar one day and got really damn good really quickly, @darwinbabe is a genius, @incandenza is a wizard on the wing, @Scott_Chegg is the best drummer I’ve ever played with.


quite surprised by this

Hi first album was fantastic (especially lyrically) and the follow up was pretty downbeat

The third album was a bit meh though


bought this album on CD recently. love it



You very nice man


For a second I thought you were friends with Chris (Simpsons artist).


The hat is a constant source of consternation. Thankfully he left it in the car when we got dropped at the airport.


I’ve got that Liam Frost album, it’s really good.


You went to school with Annie Lennox!?


bloke i know from back home is an amazing song writer and 4:44 by Jay Z sampled a tune he wrote

cousin is a drummer and has toured the world - he really is fucking amazing at his instrument


I was at that gig :slight_smile:




Iirc he was pretty into her scarf. Do you remember her scarf?