Got any talented friends?


good thread for me to remind people that my heroes and (partly) pals Tellison are playing a show at the lexington with the reformed Maple State in April <3


Gonna sees them in aldershot


The Maple State were such a cool band. Joanna’s an absolute banger. I bet they were a good gateway band for a lot of people. They were completely different to other local bands getting press at the time. I probably wouldn’t have listened to, say, Dartz or Meneguar without them.

These guys were around at the same sort of time and were fucking incredible -


Shit i didn’t know about the guys you just posted, on it now. Thank you!

Yes - I heard Dartz through Tellison, and Maple State sort of as a part of all of that. Just so good and so fun.

This track remains a favourite of mine:


Everyone is talented in their own way


@bugduv did you ever hear the Dartz/Maple band that got formed? Love Algiers a LOT


I used to love Tellison but haven’t listened to them in years. But I’m rectifying that as I type.


Hope Fading Nightly is… just kind of unbelievable in how much they upped their game

Start with this

and then cry a bit to this


and if you haven’t heard Wages of Fear then hit this:


xylo’s friends with that guy from Busted!

I think


naw not friends. did a song with him once, but that was him doing us a favour. Tellison, the two singers were in a band with me, and then one of them was briefly in ANOTHER band with me.


ah my bad.

Was sure you had some bigwig connections


i do to an extent but i am sparing about talking about em on here for a myriad of reasons. tell me about YOUR talented pals bam <3


my good friends Si and Dave aka the Hairy Bikers




could you ask them to tone it down a bit please?


Got a couple of mates who write/publish very good and funny poetry, some in various brilliant bands and one who is the singer in a successful and fairly well known indie band.


how come I don’t know anybody famous or successful? :frowning:


full disclosure: i have never met them


they seem to love life though, hard to knock that