Got any talented friends?


i’d like to think that it isn’t just a schtick either


I met Dave once at an awards dinner (we both picked up a gong, not a big deal), he was very nice and chatty, ended up talking about prisons and how prisoners are apparently really into his programmes, apparently they find it very escapist :frowning:


no one famous but

One of my friends is a designer and created a very successful cycling wear brand

Another of my friends is a designer / entrepreneur type. He created these mugs which I see everywhere now


and now has his own brand of headphones/ bluetooth speakers and whatnot.


He looks really pleased to meet me, as you can see.


fucking love tellison


you’re naturally talented in the wit department. easily the funniest and most interesting poster on the board.

so… there’s that?


I’ll have to ask Tekla or Nick about that. not sure how long this thing has been gestating… I mean, is it gonna be the ‘new’ songs she started playing a year and a bit ago?

can’t even remember. feels like just the other day that she went electric.


have you ever read that football journal The Blizzard? can’t remember if i’ve asked you that before. i like long-form writing a lot and my football-obsessed pal absolutely loves it. always think of that sort of thing when i lurk in the football threads and read some of your discourse


He was telling me about it at arctangent last year so that was august I think. Think they’re putting out playacting first tho


i love that arctangent is basically looking into the minds of a VERY specific subset of UK music fans and curating a ludicrously great fantasy lineup


I buy it, yeah. It’s really, really good. The guy who thought it up, Jonathan Wilson, is an incredible writer. The standard’s so high now, thanks to that, When Saturday Comes and websites like In Bed With Maradona. There’s a cricket one as well called the Nightwatchman. I’m not a cricket fan especially, but there’s something wonderful about longform sportswriting, especially when the subjects are historical.

Every Blizzard article’s up on the website now for free. It’s nice having the physical thing to hand, but for a taster it’s good.


oh i didn’t know they’d put it all up online.

and agreed re: longform sports. I get a lot of pleasure reading boxing writing of that sort, and back when i was kid similarly loved proper drawn out essays on F1. Would absolutely love to pick through cricket writing so i might grab a back issue of Nightwatchman.

You could consider putting down some thoughts and pitching Blizzard you know. Worst that happens, i reckon, is that you get some good feedback from a brilliant editor - seems like the sort to actually bother reading submissions.


oh nice

I was gonna mention those dudes as my next talented friends :heart:


Yeah the year I went it was amazing, American Football, Meet Me In St Louis, Godspeed, so good. Not feeling it this year tbh, too niche for me. Very very glad it exists tho


Also @incandenza I’ve just realised it wasn’t last year’s ATG it was the year before…


agreed re: this year. Lenman i’m glad is up top, but he’s the only one i’d really care about seeing and i can do that as he tours


Yeah seen him at the last couple of 2000 trees which is always more my thing (best festival in the country for my money). He did an acoustic set two years ago and full electric last year, he’s good fun


trees is hard to fault as an idea. and it’s the EXACT right size, somehow


It really is absolutely perfect. Even last year when there was shit all on in terms of headliners on the last night, went to the acoustic stage in the woods and Kevin Devine was playing a set of Elliot Smith covers. Such a great little festival


Devine speaks to the very core of 16 year old rob :smiley:

if you’re yet to hear this’n, btw, your life is absolutely incomplete.